Ceramic Brushable Green

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Ceramic Brushable Green is a toughened, solvent-free, wear-resistant coating for protection of parts and machinery.

Being a toughened product, it has higher impact resistance with slightly reduced hardness compared to Ceramic Brushable Blue and White. Ceramic Brushable Green is pourable, so that it can be used to fill voids in damaged castings to reinforce their integrity and strength.


  • Protect new equipment from wear and corrosion
  • Protect silos, chutes, mills, pumps, impeller blades, valves, fan blades, metals castings and tanks
  • Apply as a final topcoat over repaired surfaces
  • Applications requiring protection against corrosion, chemical attack and surface abrasion
  • Reinforce castings by filling voids


  • •High abrasion resistance
  • •Extremely hard setting
  • Ultra smooth finish reduces abrasion and cavitation.
  • •Use with in Blue or White for two-colour wear identification
  • •Easy to apply with a brush or roller


Abrasion Resistant

Two-Colour System

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